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Immigration Bureau is a specialist immigration firm headquartered in Richmond, with multiple office locations across the UK including Kew Bridge, Bedford and Bishops Stortford. We provide expert legal services in relation to all aspects of UK immigration to both corporate and private clients.

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke professional services on a transparent, affordable fixed fee basis.

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Our initial consultation meeting provides an opportunity for an in-depth discussion of your immigration issue with a specialist immigration Lawyer with relevant expertise.

Our immigration Lawyers will draw on expert knowledge and years of experience to advise you. Consultation meetings are conducted via Skype, Zoom or telephone, typically lasting approximately 40 minutes.


During the consultation meeting, your Lawyer will obtain further information and answer any questions you may have. Your Lawyer will confirm the options available and the most appropriate next steps depending on your circumstances.


After the initial consultation meeting, your Lawyer will provide you with a written summary of the main points discussed during the meeting, as well as the advice provided.

Thereafter, you will be free to act on our advice and incur no further legal costs. Alternatively, you may wish to instruct Immigration Bureau to represent your case and undertake further work on your immigration matter.

Our immigration Lawyers work directly with individuals and businesses, within the UK and overseas, to prepare bespoke visa and immigration applications.
The precise work involved in the preparation of a visa or immigration application varies from case to case. If you instruct Immigration Bureau to prepare an application for entry clearance, leave to remain or settlement, for example, we will:

  • Provide you with a dedicated and experienced immigration Lawyer to work on your matter from start to finish;
  • Accurately identify both the type of immigration application you should make and how your application should be structured for success;
  • Provide expert advice as to the requirements of the Immigration Rules for your immigration application, as well as any relevant Home Office policies and case-law;
  • Advise you in detail as to the documentary evidence that you will need to submit in support of your immigration application, including any requirements in terms of the content and format of these documents;
  • Check all your supporting documents for compliance with the requirements of the Immigration Rules and advise you as to any required or recommended amendments;
  • Complete the relevant immigration application form(s);
  • Draft Legal Representation in support of your immigration application (this is an expert legal opinion, prepared by your Lawyer, which will set out all the requirements of the Immigration Rules and explain to the Home Office, in detail, why your application should be approved in accordance with Legislation);
  • Prepare your application bundle ready for submission to the Home Office;
  • Arrange for a second Lawyer to independently check your completed immigration application prior to submission to the Home Office;
  • Submit your immigration application to the Home Office on your behalf;
  • Act as your agent for all correspondence with the Home Office, up to and including receipt of the decision on your immigration application;
  • Provide you with professional advice throughout the process of preparing your immigration application, by email, telephone or in-person as required;
  • Provide professional advice as to the next steps once you have received a decision on your immigration application.
  • In appropriate cases, we may also undertake further work, such as:
  • With your consent, make a Subject Access Request to the Home Office for disclosure of your immigration file;
  • Help you to obtain evidence from third-parties such as banks and accountants by preparing draft letters for the third-parties to complete;
  • Help you to prepare a business plan in support of your application;
  • Help you to obtain expert reports in support of your application.

The exact scope of work that we undertake will be set out in a written report which you will have an opportunity to review and approve prior to instructing us to prepare your visa or immigration application.


You may wish to prepare your application yourself and have it checked by an immigration Lawyer prior to submission.  This can also be arranged, based on your individual needs.



How long will my immigration application take?
The exact time it will take to prepare your immigration application will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The nature of the application;
  • The amount of supporting evidence that we need to consider;
  • Whether you are applying with dependants;
  • Your immigration history;

We recommend that, if possible, you allow 2 weeks to prepare an immigration application properly. We will discuss your target application date and only accept instruction if we are certain we can meet the deadline. We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your immigration application, but the Home Office service standard for in-country applications is within 8 weeks via the standard application process, within 5 working days via the priority service and within 1 working day via the super priority service.


For applications submitted outside the UK you should receive a decision on your visa application within 3 weeks of attending your appointment at the visa application centre (or within 12 weeks if applying to join family in the UK). Most visa application centres also offer a range of priority and premium services which can significantly speed up the decision-making process. 


We would be pleased to discuss these options with you if a quick decision is required.

Our application checking service offers a cost-effective way to ensure that your visa or immigration application satisfies the requirements of the immigration rules.
If you are willing to prepare your visa or immigration application yourself, our immigration Lawyers can check your application and advise you as to any required or recommended amendments, before you submit your application to UK Visas & Immigration.


If you instruct us to check your visa or immigration application we will:


  • Provide a dedicated and experienced immigration Lawyer to work on your matter;
  • Check your completed visa or immigration application against the strict requirements of the Immigration Rules, Home Office policy and any relevant case-law;
  • Advise you at a consultation meeting (either in person, online or telephone) as to any required or recommended amendments to your application.

Following the consultation meeting, you will be able to make any necessary changes to your visa or immigration application before submission to the Home Office.


Step 1 – Arrange a consultation to discuss your immigration needs

Step 2 – Select your desired service

Step 3 – Instruct our dedicated Lawyers and initiate the process


Provide accuracy and clarity

Identify the fastest route to reach your objectives

Ease stress during a stressful process

Increase the potential of a successful application

Simplify navigation through complex immigration legislation

Avoid any inaccuracies which could potentially jeopardise your case and effect future applications